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You can obtain risk-free professional debt reduction and settlement of your credit card and other unsecured debts by an experienced licensed attorney who is licensed and practicing law in your state.

Your attorney will make every effort to settle your outstanding obligations for considerably less than your outstanding balance. Your monthly payments will be much less than what you are presently paying on your accounts. You can be debt free in less time and at less cost than you might think possible.

Just look at some of our results – we have helped people save thousands.

What your Attorney will do for you

Your attorney will negotiate with your creditors to settle your accounts for the LEAST amount possible. Settlements ranging from 55% down to 18% of the outstanding balances have been obtained.

Moreover, installment repayment plans extended over many months have
been negotiated. In some instances credit card companies have agreed
to FORGIVE all accrued and accruing interest and fees.

Unlike some debt settlement companies, who in an effort to gain “legitimacy”, have advertised that their debt settlement process is “Attorney Based” or “Attorney Assisted” you can be ASSURED that your accounts will be handled and negotiated by a licensed attorney and no one else! Your attorney will give legal advice, keep you informed, answer your questions, and address any comments you may have.

What Will Be Your Costs?

The amount of attorney fees you pay will be determined by negotiations between you and your attorney.  You will find that the fee will be very reasonable.  You will pay only the fee that you and your attorney determine and nothing more.  There will be no retainer, no up front fee, nor other charges or hidden costs.

The attorney fee that you pay can be based on the amount of savings you get as a result of your attorney’s efforts.  It will be payable only after settlement has been reached.

You will receive much more than just debt negotiation and settlement of your outstanding accounts.  Your attorney will provide you a complete range of legal services above and beyond negotiating and settling your debts.  Among other things, your attorney will give you legal advice, help you re-structure your debts, set up re-payment plans, and be available to provide you total legal representation in any possible litigation.

Your attorney will stand between you and your creditors, bill collectors, and debt collection attorneys

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